Proposal Management

Iris Britt Consulting, LLC provides instruction that targets the needs of proposal managers and other business development professionals assigned to manage proposal teams spanning various disciplines. Participants will learn proposal management techniques that apply to all types of proposals—large, medium, or small, defense-related, or other government procurements.

The training will cover:

  • Understanding the Proposal Development Process—Placing the proposal development in perspective and how the writing process fits in
  • Maximizing Evaluation Scores—Understanding the solicitation process, proposal evaluation, and what affects evaluators during the evaluation process
  • Using the Proposal Management Plan (PMP)—Develop a comprehensive planning document to achieve direction and minimize proposal development frustrations
  • Develop a proposal project summary
  • Task Order Proposal Process
  • Customer profile
  • Proposal strategies and themes
  • Staffing roles and responsibilities
  • Proposal operations
  • Proposal development schedule
  • Proposal outline and writing assignments
  • Writer information
  • Preliminary executive summary

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