Philanthropic Fundraising for Non-Profits

FundingAstute observers of business and industry, as well as non-profit relationships confront two startlingly different realities. This being said, it is also overwhelmingly clear that that the overall ties between the two are now stronger than ever. Non-profits and corporations are joining forces across the nation to create some of the most interesting and impactful initiatives in support of communities. However, philanthropic ties between both sides are also weaker now than they have been in decades. Large corporate contributions to non-profits are diminishing. As businesses continue to strive to remain leaders in their industries amid an increasingly competitive global economy, non-profits are striving to maintain excellence in the face of shrinking resources.

Iris Britt Consulting, LLC brings the necessary expertise on both sides of the issue to bridge these divides through the delivery of a proactive approach, commitment of time, high level of trust, and a commitment to responsiveness in several key areas:

  • Philanthropic Readiness
  • Annual Fund Assessment
  • Compelling Case Statement Development
  • Partnership and Alliance Development
  • The Art of Grant writing
  • Strategic Planning for Success
  • Event Planning
  • Evaluation

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